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Illya's Warlocke's Black Magic - Dec 12, 1994 - May 3, 2012.
17 year old black smoke Maine Coon, Warlocke, my sweet softhearted soul,  you crossed to the Rainbow Bridge this grey rainy day in May 2012 after a brave battle against a fast growing malignant cancer.
You arrived in this world on December 12, 1994, and graced our home with your presence in March of 1995. For 17 years you padded through the house on soft silent paws, filling the air with your soft bleating meows, creating a great presence with your loving, playful quiet ways. You matured from an acrobatic mischievous kitten into a regal yet humble adult Maine Coon, who retained the lithe body of a feline dancer.You helped my heart heal from the loss of another Maine Coon- which made me sing,  "oh my black magic kitten, you weaved your wondrous spell over me."
Age crept on you slowly, but you kept your dignity and sweet loving attitude well into your elder years, becoming my cranky little ole man only when you needed grooming!
You handled all your treatments for your kidney disease with a quiet strength, and though the SubQ fluids made you jumpy and twitchy, you handled it well, as if you knew it helped.  We controlled your kidney disease so well, but cancer came to snatch you away from us.
The last of the "Old Guard"--cats born in the 1990s that shared this home with Khan, whose story I put to page and published, you  will have your bit of immortality as part of that book.

I will miss your soft lamblike meows, the way you walked, keeping the bushy Maine Coon tail curled so it did not touch the floor, the way your eyes shone when you looked at me, your  love and joy when playing with your Billy Boy catnip toy, and your striking unique black smoke coat with its silvery highlights and black points. I will miss you every time we have grilled chicken breast for dinner, knowing how much you loved it.
 I know it was the right decision to let you go-but my heart weeps, and the skies cry on this grey day, while I hope you find your way back to us somehow.
Farewell Illya's Warlocke's Black Magic, my Black Magic Kitten- Momma will miss you til the world ends.

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