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Ode to Phantom -2007

 F-4 Phantom Wild Weasel - "Phantom"  -In Loving Memory.

July 22, 1991 - August 17, 2007

16 years ago, as tiny kitten with huge ears, you entered this world in the basement of our neighbor's home, born to a little cat of Siamese ancestry. On that day, we decided to take you into our home, and waited for you to wean.

When the fates took my 1st Maine Coon, Demon, from me when you turned two weeks old, I almost changed my mind about adopting you. Despite my shattered soul that black day in August of 1991, I went over to play with you and your sisters, to ease a broken heart. You gazed at me with baby blue eyes, that fateful morning Demon left this world, staring while your sisters scampered around the room, as if trying to convey an important fact. In those eyes I saw a flash of something – recognition, determination? Perhaps both. I knew you belonged with us. We named you Phantom, for your dark color. You earned the moniker F-4 Phantom Wild Weasel when you scaled curtains and furniture to heights unknown to other kittens, fearless and playful, and FAST! You and your best buddy Khan, the big brown tabby Maine Coon kitten you thought might eat you that 1st day home here, turned into a two-kitten wrecking crew that exasperated yet amused us.

In the years that passed, your long lanky athletic body grew into a big strapping muscular 18 pound cat who ruled the yard and home with speed, strength and cunning that even the largest dog in the neighborhood feared. I will always remember how big dogs always looked to see if you patrolled outside before crossing the perimeter of the property. In your sea green eyes, I always saw a strong double spirit, indomitable and stubborn.

When Khan passed away, you mourned, and when little Kai joined our home, you KNEW he was Khan reborn, come home to you, to us. You accepted him without protest, and you became good buddies. He grew into a huge 24 pound big red Maine Coon, while you began to shed weight as diseases crept into your strong body. He misses you as we do.

Now, my heart shatters asunder once again, as you travel into the beyond, and no kitten waits next door to catch your soaring soul as you did Demon’s. In the end, the diseases overwhelmed both life essences that kept you so stubborn and strong.

Farewell -- my Pig Weasel who could outeat a sumo wrestler, my Talker, with that strident Siamese voice that often sounded almost human, my Whale Boy, who chased all dogs from HIS yard, to my Furchild, who always needed hugs and cuddles when sick. Soar high and far, like the Fighter Jets we named you for. Fly on, fly free, fly in my soul forever my F-4 Phantom Wild Weasel, a special soul born 16 years ago in the basement next door, and in your flights through the ethereal world, may find your way back home.


your Momma always



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