Tardis Stables

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Flockies of Tardis Stables

I wish to introduce and showcase the Flockies of Tardis Stables!

I am an avid Flockie collector, and have a number of them from OFs to CM. Most of these were flocked by Ruth Diercks, but a couple I am unsure who flocked them.

On all CM'd Flockies, except one, (Time Traveler), I have haired, and finished the models. By finish I mean adding hair, shoes, eye, hoof, and other details, including adding color to the muzzle or other area of the model. The repositining I have done on a number of models was done BEFORE flocking. With those, I sent the models to Ruth for flocking to my specifications, then the model is haired and finished on arrival home. Repositioning after flocking is not advised.

I also offer this service as part of my customizing for anyone wishing to do the same to a flockie.

You may email me at RiaP57@aol.com

Take a stroll thru the Flockie album to see these unique models!


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