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Demoncoons Model Cattery

Recently I delved into the world of model cats, creating Demoncoons Model Cattery for my many model showcats. The first of these models I created for the Klingon club I once belonged to ten years ago. These Maine Coon cat models served as Suvwi Khetz, but now show as earthly Maine Coons. My model cattery stands at about 75, and counting, cats of all breeds. The cattery is named for my dapper tuxedo Maine Coon cat, Demon, who passed away in 1991.

We got our first cat, a blue cream part Russian blue female in 1987 when mice invaded our abode. Mandee dealt with the problem in a most professional way and soon, mice no longer ran rampant through the walls and kitchen. Our next cat came to me as a tiny kitten that my husband gave to me as a birthday gift. The tiny tuxedo ball of fuzz grew into a handsome unique cat. We soon learned he was a Maine Coon cat, and he left as his legacy, after he passed away August 6th, 1991, a deep love of the breed. The model cattery is named in his honor. Khan entered my life soon after Demon’s passing and filled the sad household with his love and gentle spirit. Phantom came next, as a little large-eared kitten in the fall of 1991. Khan, only 4 months old at the time, loved Phantom from the very 1st nose sniff. Khan and Phantom grew up together as best buddies. My next two cats, Indy and Warlocke, Maine Coons both, arrived within the next two years, and the sixth cat to make the brigade complete was Munchkin, the short-legged stray we adopted in 1995. But tragedy struck in 1999. Mandee lost her battle with kidney failure, and barely a year later, Oct 31, 2000, we lost Munchkin to FIV and cancer. 2001 brought Khan’s lymphoma and the insidious disease took my beautiful big teddy bear of a Maine Coon with it in April of 2002.

Finally the cat gods decided to smile upon us. Aug 6th, 2002, a certain red tabby Maine Coon kitten came into the world, on a date blazed into my heart as a black day in my life in 1991. The sign flashed clear and strong, and Kai came into our home, and beyond any doubt in my mind, is Khan’s spirit reborn into a nutty red kitten who possesses many of Khan’s quirks of personality.

So as of July 2007,  the feline brigade here stands at four. Phantom who is 16 is the oldest, has decided Kai is his best buddy. Indy, the Brat, 14 years-old, the anti-social Maine Coon from Hell, makes two. Warlocke, 13 years old, my sweet black smoke Maine Coon, makes three, and large 5 year old Maine Coon, Kai completes the foursome. These furry guys fill our home with fun, love, silliness, and pure feline delight!

Many breeds and types of cats populate my growing model cattery, from my favorite breed, the Maine Coon cat, to Siamese, Persian, Spynx, Munchkins, Bombay, thru all manner of DSH and DLH.

I am the President and owner of the ICC, International Cat Club, and the prssident of Sallie George's NACLC-North American Cat Lover's Club. (NACLC is on indefinite hiatus) Both clubs offer photo shows and prizes and a good place to show those model cats!

Here are links to their Websites:

ICC-INTERNATIONAL CAT CLUB -- Photo showing for those model cats! or http://www.freewebs.com/riap27/index.htm

NACLC -NACLC :: North American Cat Lover's Club  or http://www.freewebs.com/fekluris/ (this club is on indefinite hiatus)

If you are interested in the Clubs-feel free to write me at RIAP57@aol.com


On the following pages you may view pix of my model cats as well as my real feline brigade. Here is a bit about my real cats.


I wouldn't have it any other way!

Update-Sept 2007- we lost Phantom just after his 16th birthday to kidney failure. Read about him on his page, ODE TO PHANTOM.

UPDATE Oct 18, 2007 - Orion's Lucky Shot aka Orion - a black DSH kitten joined our household! Orion arrived in our home in 2007 a few months after we lost Phantom.  With his round head, body and eyes he looks like a Bombay. At two months old he approached my niece (we call her the kitten magnet) not just once but twice. He came out of the woods where feral cats were known to live and boldly walked up to her. She put him back so he'd find his mama. He came back and she took him home. My sis said NOO WAY with 4 dogs! So Orion came to live with us. He is four years old now.

UPDATE Janusary 24th 2008--We lost Indy on January 9th to  a malignant tumor. We miss our Indy brat, See his memorial on his Page. Tribute to Indy.

Warlocke-our elder statesman is 16 with his 17th birthday looming ahead for Dec 12th!


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