Tardis Stables

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Hand-painted Customs from TARDIS STABLES


My work features veining, ears and hooves carved, gesso primer, acrylic paint, mohair manes & tails, and matte varnish protective sealer. When ordering, please be specific as to color and shade, markings, mane & tail color and length. Provide reference clips and/or pix if possible. For Draft and gaited, specify ribbon or decoration colors. CUSTOMER supplies model, however, I can supply model at additional cost of base model to below prices.


Because of Degenerative Disk Disease and bone spurs in my neck, I no longer do much moderate to drastic repositioning.  Minor repositioning such as head and minor leg changes still available, but if you wish moderate work--please inquire first.  Also, degenerative retinas and glaucoma have slowed the speed at which I paint. PLEASE do not place a Custom order if you expect a quick turnaround.

 PLEASE have patience!! My neck and eye problems prevent me from working as quickly as I did years ago thus a wait of a year or more for a Rep/hair drafter or full CM on any mold is now the norm, for which I apologize for in advance.

Send all inquiries to: RIAP57@aol.com


Email:  RIAP57@aol.com



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