Jose Jose Old Jose At 40+ years old-happy and flowering in early summer 2009. Something happened in the fall and winter and he started to fail and eventually died. Jose 2.0 is Jose resurrected through cuttings taken and potted Dec 10, 2009. 81782779 Jose 2.0 Jose lives on from cuttings taken before he failed completely.Early May 2010. 81782780 Jose 2.0 in May Jose 2.0 in late May after his repotting. 90754507 Jose 2.0 June 2011 Jose 2.0 in June-flourishing and growing! 90754506 Jose 2.0 in July Jose 2.0 in Mid July. Growing like crazy with huge dark leaves and a new vine! 90754505 Jose 2.0 in May 2012 Jose is BACK! Putting out a horde of flowers that fill the night air with his pungency!! 155233260 Jose 2.0 in May 2012 Loaded with flowers and healthy foliage!! 155233261 Jose Jr May 2012 Here is Jose Jr or Pinwheel Jose. he is a cutting from Jose 2.0 from an extra long vine Jose put out that needed to be snipped last year! I could, not dispose of it and rooted it and got a very unique looking Hoya! 155233694 156769642