My Real Cats My Real Cats Demon Tuxedo Maine Coon for whom my model cattery is named. My 1st Maine Coon cat. Passed away in 1991. His purrsonality haunts nearly every story I have written and dominates many characters in my books. We miss him still after 21 years. 26209020 Shere Khan "Khan" Brown tabby Maine Coon that followed in Demon's pawprints, everything a Coon cat should be, large, gentle, and sweet. He passed away in 2002, and we miss him more than words can say. The book about his life, written from HIS point of view, KHAN: A MAINE COON-is now available on and other booksellers! It is the best tribute I could ever offer him. 26209021 Mandee-Mau "Mandee" Blue-cream part Russian Blue female princess of a cat. Our first cat.She passed away in 1999, from a combo of hyperT, CRF and heart failure. We miss our Queen kitty! 26209022 ChubbaVonMunchausen "Munckkin or Chubba" Short-legged stray we took in and loved until cancer and FIV snatched him from our lives on Halloween 2000. 26209023 F-4 Phantom Wild Weasel "Phantom" Our 16 year old elder statesman, Khan's best buddy for 11 of those 16 years, and was Kai's best buddy. Big DSH of Siamese ancestry, he patrolled his yard, keeping it free of dogs and unwanted cats! He lost most of his tail over the last in two incidents with the back door, in which he lost the race both times. We lost him Aug 17th 2007 to kidney failure. 26209024 Charliemaine's Independence Jeffersonm "Indy" Born on the 4th of July in 1993, this Maine Coon was as volatile as an M-80 and as paranoid as any psycho! He was our 21st Century Schzoid cat, whom we lost suddenly in January of 2008 to cancer. We miss him! 26209045 Illya's Warlocke's Black Magic "Warlocke" A beautiful sweet black smoke Maine Coon. Pictured here at 5 years old. He is our black magic kitten even after 16 years! On May 3rd, 2012, cancer took Warlocke from us 5 months past his 17th birthday. Farewell sweet Warlocke-momma will miss you til the world ends.. 26209046 Pangurban's Kai Brunnen G Assassin Into our lives came this red kitten with the enormous feet 4 months after we lost Khan. He grew fast, and now, at nine years old, this Maine Coon is indeed a gentle giant at 24 pounds, but along with that red tabby coat comes that spark of mischief and clownish personality that persists into adulthood. Kai is our lovable clown and big red HOG! But he is also a big Momma's boy! On jan 26, 2015 kidney failure took my big beautiful boy from us. I will miss him til the world ends. . . 26209047 Orion's Lucky Shot Aka Orion. This little one walked out of the woods up to my niece, bold and unafraid, as if he knew he found a connection to his forever home. Unable to keep "Lucky". my niece asked us to adopt him, and we took her baby into our home, where he fit right in from day one. It was meant to be, as we lost the old gentle black abandoned cat I cared for, this past winter. The poor old guy wanted more than anything to be part of this home, and I think he got his wish. 26209048 Kitty Up Darwin Touch Of Grey Darwin, my blue smoke Maine Coon arrived in this world on Feb 10, 2015, on a cold snowy night, a mere two weeks after my Kai left this world. he is without a doubt a weird mix of my beloved Warlocke and Kai, with Khan's boldness and lack of fear. Pictured here at 8 months old, my gold-eyed blue smoke fuzz head promises to grow into yet another gentle giant! 200170788 Kitty Ups Abilene Khaleesi Abby, Darwin's black smoke half sister joined us in January 2016. Darwin adored her from day one, spoiling her, letting her get away with even stealing his favorite treats. She reminds me of a strange mix of Phantom and demon, athletic, bold, and utterly naughty. But when she utters that "prrt, prrrt, prrrrt, mew" nobody can stay angry with her~ 203240588